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Morning in Griffin Bay

This was the sunrise yesterday morning from our anchorage in Griffin Bay (off of San Juan Island):


I know, I was awake for another sunrise. It's not that weird though, since sunrise was at 7:54am yesterday. Right behind us, the moon was slowly setting. Seriously, these were taken within minutes of each other:


We had some coffee and waited for it to get a little lighter out before taking the dinghy ashore to explore some before heading back to Anacortes.

Airship, anchored:


This end of San Juan Island is made up mostly of San Juan National Historic Park, so we did some hiking around in the park, made our way up Mt. Finlayson, and had this incredible view. Looking north(ish) into Haro Strait:


Looking south toward the Cattle Point lighthouse, Lopez Island, Whale Mummy Rocks (!!!) and to the right, the Straight of Juan de Fuca:


The trees up here show evidence of some rough weather, don't they?




This is called Third Lagoon, and you can't see it very well, but the teeny tiny white dot way off in the distance on the right side of the photo is Airship, anchored in the bay:


Back at the boat:


We pulled up our anchor and headed out past Cattle Point and around the bottom of Lopez Island on our way back to Anacortes.

Cattle Point Lighthouse, from the water:


Two big bald eagles on a rock:


Sea lions and sea birds:


Anacortes with Mount Baker backdrop:


Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day for a cruise! 

Here's our route:

Sj to anacortes


  1. Dwayne Dwayne

    I read your blog every night. Love to see all of your pictures and videos. It was great to see you visiting here in San Antonio. I hope you make it to some BBQ joints as well. We are happy Airstreamers as well and live in San Antonio. Hope you enjoy the city. It has a lot to offer.

    • Thank you Dwayne! We always enjoy San Antonio when we visit!

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