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More Around Patos Island


We took the quadcopter and hiked out to the lighthouse on Alden Point for some more fun aerial footage.

Oh hey seals!


In this photo, there's one seal looking straight up at the copter. You might have to click for an enlargement, but it's pretty cute.


Another cove-side campsite (Patos Island is a Washington State Park):


The remains of an old car or truck, beside the trail out to the lighthouse:


Kind of funny to have a car on a very small island where there are most definitely no roads.

Hey! The new mooring buoys match the boat's paint job:


Earlier today Kevin did his first from-the-boat launch and it went great! Can't wait to see the footage he got out here!

Taking off from Airship's top deck:


Smooth, successful top-deck landing:


Sunset looking out of the cove:



  1. Leigh Leigh

    What an awesome birthday! I’m glad The Willows is still just as good. Do you think an overnight stay is necessary in the winter to get a dinner reservation?

    • I do not think an overnight stay is necessary in the winter. We were there on a Thursday and there were maybe 4 open tables. Also, I heard that Thursday (the first day of the four Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun run) is maybe not as busy as the others.

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