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Birthday Cruise


Today is Kevin's birthday! We left Active Cove this morning and headed for Friday Harbor, where we thought we'd have some lunch, and pick up some seafood for dinner tonight at the little fish market down on the dock. Active Cove lived up to its name last night, and was pretty dang active. Our first night there was nice and calm, but last night the north wind caused the swells to come straight into the bay and we rocked and rolled all night. Kinda crazy, and we did not get much sleep. But I did get to snap this shot of the moon as it was setting…sometime around 4am:


It's super grainy becaused I cranked the ISO on my camera as high as it would go, but it still gives a pretty good representation of how it felt. In real life of course it was much clearer and a little softer. 🙂

We picked up some clams at the fish market and a few items at the grocery store in Friday Harbor for tonight's dinner: linguine with clams, and asparagus.

It was another gorgeous day in the islands, and we decided to moor at Spencer Spit State Park tonight on a buoy (but not one of those nice new ones…they still have the old style buoys here that we haven't seen since…um…yesterday). 

View from our buoy (looking toward Frost Island):


Looking toward Spencer Spit:


Kevin's working on his quadcopter video from Patos Island and should have it uploaded either later tonight or tomorrow. I can't wait! 

One more shot of the moon over Frost Island:


And here's our route from today: