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Chicken & Waffles on the Springwater Corridor Trail

This morning we took our bikes down to the Portland waterfront (where there's all sorts of stuff going on…navy ships, dragon boat races, carnival rides, food booths, music, tons of people kayaking and paddleboarding…oh right, it's Rose Festival!)

We parked under the Hawthorne Bridge and headed South along the Willamette River for a bit before turning East via the Springwater Corridor Trail. The weather was gorgeous!! Under the bridge on the left is Waterfront Park, dragon boats racing into frame from the left, tents, people, lots of cheering:


Guy catching a sturgeon from the dock below:


Totally insane floating shack/barge on the river:


You can't really appreciate this thing until you zoom in though. It's got a water slide!! And a conga drum! And I assume that rusty barrel is for campfires: 


We had a banana before we left the house to tide us over until we got to Cartlandia, where we opted for chicken & waffles from the Coop food cart for brunch. They were GREAT! You choose your waffle (plain, cornbread, or bacon, but the cook said bacon was best so we went with that one…not to tough a decision) and there are several combinations of multiple waffles with multiple chicken pieces, but we went straight with one (bacon) waffle and a chicken breast, with maple syrup of course. Delicious! And you know, kinda sorta mostly guilt-free since we were going to be riding 30+ miles:


After brunch we continued on the trail out toward Mt. Hood. There's one spot on the trail where you're riding with a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood (but I didn't get that photo, dur.) This is a great trail, and the further from Portland you get, the less crowded it is.


The weather was just beautiful again today! I think the high was about 78 degrees F. Here's a map of our ride (34 miles, click to enlarge): 

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 4.11.11 PM

Kevin's bike on the Willamette River:


Oh yeah, and we put our little country pins on our handlebar bags the other day. So cute! (Can't wait to get more!)