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Silver Falls State Park

Yesterday we said goodbye to Aluminarium over at Stub Stewart and headed to Silver Falls State Park for two nights, where we met up with more Airstream friends: the Hardersen family (Pete, Kathy, their son, his girlfriend, and two family friends).

This is exactly what it's like here:


Last night's fire:


We arrived yesterday afternoon, set up camp, put together some jalapeno poppers (jalapenos, cheddar and cream cheese with chorizo, wrapped with bacon) and stuck 'em on the Traeger to smoke for about an hour and half, then finished 'em at a higher temp. We took those (on the back of Kevin's bike) plus some smoked shrimp and avocado dip over to the Hardersen campsite and had a nice dinner and campfire (plus a round of Cards Against Humanity) with them and their friends — lots and lots of laughing!!

Bad low-light photo, but look how nicely the Falcon enamelware fits on the bike rack:


This morning we got up and met Kathy & Pete's son Justin and his girlfriend Hannah for a hike out to see some waterfalls.

Sunlight behind the trees:


South Falls:


Back at camp Kathy made a gorgeous breakfast for everyone (french toast, sausage, yogurt, fresh fruit, juice, coffee) … all so delicious!

While we were all sitting outside, a little hummingbird flew into their Airstream and got stuck up in the skylight trying to escape. I took a quick picture before Pete went in and rescued him:



It's been such a fun weekend already! We're moving into another spot for tonight and we'll probably do a bike ride this afternoon, and have some more food and laughing tonight around a campfire. Happy Summer everyone!


  1. Heather Heather

    Absolutely lovely! You’re an accomplished writer as well as photographer. I’m so enjoying your adventures — you two are providing my vicarious vacation this summer. Happy trails!

    • Heather, thanks, but this one is Kevin’s post. We were having internet issues so I posted it for him. He’s normally the one with the most words on the site and yes, he IS an accomplished writer! 🙂

      Glad you’re enjoying the trip vicariously!

  2. ciparis ciparis

    Amazing story. I would love to see The Photograph.

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