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“Bike Trail” at Silver Falls State Park

Okay so when we were on our way through Silverton, we stopped at a liquor store to pick up some Aperol for making some spritzes at the campground. (They didn't even know what Aperol was, so it was a bust, but anyway.) The liquor store was next door to a market and there was a sign up on the street signage for what I assume was the bakery in the market, advertising donuts, and it said:

"Voted" Best Donut

Do the quotation marks mean that it wasn't really a "vote"? Did only the person making the sign "vote"? Was it "voted" for by the employees of the bakery? What does it meeeeaaaannnnn???

This afternoon we decided to take a break from reading books and watching the World Cup to go check out the "bike trail" at Silver Falls State Park. It was very pretty, a short 5.5 mile loop from the campground, but not at all a nice path for bikes, unless you like a lot of debris, total pine needle coverage, and TONS of cracks and bumps and short steep hills. (Could be okay for mountain biking, but it's paved, so not really. Also: lots of pedestrians.)

Super pretty though. I was able to click off a photo during one of the several smoothish bits where I didn't need both hands:


On the way back, there's a spot where the "bike trail" crosses the road, so we opted to take the road back to the campground instead of the rest of the "bike trail". It was a very good choice!! At first it was a short steady uphill in a low gear, but then the whole rest of the way was wheeeeeee…..downhill, smooth road, nice curves, and no traffic. Perfect!

Route/elevation from the campground: