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Today we rode our bikes out to Cartlandia for lunch, via the Springwater Corridor Trail. Cartlandia is a pod of food carts in Portland out at SE 82nd and the Springwater Trail. Perfect bike-to-lunch (or to the Voodoo Donut truck) destination.


We parked down near the Portland Opera offices on the waterfront and from there, Cartlandia's a little over 8 miles on the trail. 

Trail shot while riding, taken with iPhone mounted to my bike:


We wandered around the carts a bit trying to decide what to get and settled on sharing a lobster roll from the Maine Street Lobster Co.


…and a "bacon south of the border" burger (avocado, jalapenos, Sriracha, bacon, cheese, spinach, tomato) from The Rock House Grill (down the end):


Both sandwiches were excellent! 


I didn't get a photo of the lobster roll, but it looked exactly like this (photo from the Maine Street Lobster Co. site):


We had a nice ride back after lunch. 


We figured out that the handlebar mounts we have on the bikes for our iPhones tilt and swivel nicely for taking quick pics (or video!) from the bike while riding. This should come in handy while cycling through Italy!

Here's our first sample "from Kevin's bike" clip of me riding. Super exciting, I know. (Not really.)

Gives you a little idea of one of the more "city" parts of the trail though! Oh, and here's a map of this out-and-back ride:

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 5.59.13 PM

Happy (Easter) Sunday, everyone!


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