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Wine Tasting in the Okanagan Valley

Yesterday after we did some work in the morning, we joined up with Leigh & Brian, Tiffani & DekeAmanda & Tim,and John & Laura for some wine tasting here in the Okanagan Valley. It rained last night and still a bit this morning, so it was a fine day not to be sitting on the beach. We stopped first and had a delicious lunch for Brian's birthday at the restaurant at the Old Vines restaurant at Quail's Gate. A lovely day, even with the occasional rain.









And today, we're on our way to Glacier (where we likely will not have internet)!


  1. Scott Mc Scott Mc

    That last picture is tragic!

  2. You could spend a lifetime exploring Italy. You are seeing a side that most visitors miss out on. This bike tour thing looks pretty darn good. That might turn into an addiction.

    • Agreed, on all fronts. We’re already talking about where we’ll go next with the bikes. 🙂

  3. Susan Susan

    Thanks for sharing your exciting and enticing travels. The pictures are gorgeous. .especially the food! How interest in the cemetery pics…also one of my peculiar interests.

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