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Airstreams on the Road: Kelowna to Glacier

Well it seems to be a trend. We all decide to leave by 10am, and by 10am everyone is all hitched and ready. It's great to travel with a group of seasoned travelers. Here we are on the road headed to Glacier National Park:


At some point there was another random BC Airstream that joined our caravan, but eventually they peeled off and went their own way. It's this guy, on the left. For about a half hour we were a caravan of 9:


Tiffani and Deke (Weaselmouth) on the road:


We got to our campground (the Illecillewaet Campground) around 2:30pm or so. This is our spot for the next two nights:


After everyone arrived and got settled, we set out for a short hike. Everyone joined, including all the kids, and we'd planned to just do a 1.3 km loop (the Meeting of the Waters Trail), but once we were at the spot that turned back we all opted to go on a bit. So gorgeous:



This is a posted warning that there have been bears in this area. Four people in the group had bear spray, and we were hiking with some loud kids, so we felt pretty good.


The further we went, the more incredible the views, though I'm not sure what trail we were actually on. I'll have to find out. But look:


Eventually the trail opened up onto some large open rocky slopes, but not before warning us once more that this was an area preferred by bears:


Josh and Jack Works:


I think at that last bear warning half the group turned and headed back (coincidence?), and the rest of us went on ahead (8 adults with four kids, three bottles of bear spray). The kids were such troopers!! (Well, as were the adults who carried the kids!)

Jessa Works, and the Mali Mish clan:




We got a little further than this and decided it was late in the day and we turned back. This giant waterfall coming down the side of this mountain looks way smaller in this picture than it is in real life. 


Now we're back at camp with a little bit of internet (data card, data we added to our plan before we left home), and it's time for some dinner. Tomorrow: more hiking!