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Sequoias on the Wildwood Trail


Last night after dinner (in the spirit of trying to explore a little more around our house when we're home) we went for a beautiful hike on a different section of the Wildwood Trail. Turns out there's this grove of giant sequoias, about 3 minutes from our house. Hey! How about that?

I'm sure the reason we never do this hike is because it has that "too close to drive, too dangerous to walk" conundrum associated with it. To get there on foot you'd be walking about half a mile in a soggy little gully right next to fast-moving traffic on a busy road. No thanks. But driving there…honestly, it took us about a minute. It's like if you lived in a condo downtown and you took the elevator to the ground floor…that's about how long it takes to drive to the trailhead. Why haven't we been doing this hike several times a week for 15 years? We're idiots. (We're hoping to change that.)

All I had was my iPhone and it was late in the day (between 7:30pm and 8:30pm, and it's a forest) so there was not much light, but check out this giant wedding dress train of roots:


It's HUGE. It doesn't look that huge in this photo, but it's HUGE.

Next time I'll grab the Fuji x100s.