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Closet Organization


Last night, in about an hour, we built shelves into one half of our closet. An HOUR! Crazy. Here's what we did: we measured all the things we could measure inside the closet, and then we went to Home Depot and did some in-store planning and spec'd out what we could build using the ClosetMaid wire shelving parts. (That part took considerably longer than an hour.)

Then, we got the stuff back to the Airstream, measured some more, cut some stuff, and it all just worked exactly how we'd planned it while standing in Home Depot. When does THAT ever happen? We didn't even have to go back for parts we forgot.

We first put up a divider (used a section of shelving vertically, attaching it to the floor of the closet and the underside of the shelf above) so we had a right side support for the shelves:


We had to cut away part of the shelf to make room for the clothes rod.


These brackets went on the left wall of the closet to hold the front left side of the shelves:


And on the right side, the shelf rests on the center support we installed:


Here it is finished. That cord/charger is for the Dyson cordless vacuum…I'll be mounting that in the bottom of the closet tomorrow, as well as figuring out a better way to organize the top shelf in the closet. If I come up with anything good, I'll let you know!