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The Truck Food Cookbook

This looks like fun!


From their website:

Crisp tablecloths and towering concoctions may have wowed gourmets of the past, but today’s most impressive culinary innovation is happening on each corner of every city, tucked behind the tiny window of your favorite food truck! Whipped up by culinary columnist John T. Edge, this paperback cookbook examines modern foodie culture through 150 recipes from the most renowned and refreshing mobile eateries of the moment. Accompanied by the common locations for each truck and colorful city maps, there are step-by-step instructions for preparing an authentic Portland poutine, Texam waffle tacos, lemony crepes from Philly, Korean short ribs from the streets of LA, and Seattle’s Spam musubi, as well as sweet desserts that include delicate cardamom donuts and wasabi-sprinkled soft serve! Simply mix international delicacies, local staples, a dash of on-the-go flare, and a splash of can-do spirit, then marinate in a microscopic kitchen to arrive at this mouthwatering collection of signature dishes!

Available for $18.99 here