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St. Augustine to Amelia Island

Here are a couple shots of the campground where we stayed in St. Augustine (North Beach). This is the drive to our campsite:


And this is from our campsite:


We left around 11am this morning and headed north to Amelia Island. We found a place to park down near the historic district…actually IN the historic district, and Kevin parallel parked the Airstream less than a block from the main street. Score! He had a conference call and I did some more work while he was on the phone, and then we walked around and explored a bit.

Here's our parking spot:


Walking around the neighborhood:


We had some lunch at The Happy Tomato (salads, sandwiches, and barbecue). It was REALLY GOOD. Kevin had a chicken/ribs plate, and they made me a pulled pork salad (not on the menu, but she heard me say I wanted pulled pork, but I wanted a salad). 🙂

After lunch we walked down to the waterfront, then back up and around to the cemetery over on Broome and 8th. Mark Tucker suggested we check it out (and that it had good moss). It most definitely had good moss. 





We headed back to the Airstream and then drove the rest of the way to Savannah. Some snaps from the road:




I love this billboard. They had a couple before this that didn't mention the 13 FOOT GATOR. This one got my attention though…I almost wanted to stop. 


We're at Skidaway State Park now in Savannah, Georgia. By the time we got in and parked, it was dark, so I'll post photos tomorrow because now, it's time to make dinner.