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Skidaway Island State Park (Savannah, Georgia)

Here we are. We got in on the late side last night but here's what our campsite looks like in the daylight:


It's huge, and there's tons of hanging moss (kinda hard to see in these iPhone shots I just went outside to take). But it's there, trust me.


I picked up this little glass Airstream ornament (we won't say the C word just yet, since it's not even Halloween!) but I couldn't resist. It's about 4 inches long, and super cute, don't you think? 



Oh yeah, and I found this photo I'd forgotton to post of one of the decorated golf carts over at Disney's Fort Wilderness campground. I'd love to have seen it at night with its "Boo Y'all" all lit up. So fun:


We'll be working this morning and then at some point we'll head into Savannah to do some sightseeing today. We're keeping track of the storm (Hurricane Sandy) here and here. We're looking good at this point but of course if the forecast changes, so will our plans.