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We are now in Utah

Here's where we're camped tonight:


We're at the Price Canyon Recreation Area near Helper, Utah. This campground is about a 3 mile drive off the main highway (Hwy 6) on a winding dirt/gravel road heading up the side of a steep hill. I was driving, and the sign at the bottom says something like maximum 24 foot trailer with an 18 foot tow vehicle. We have a 27 foot trailer, so we were a little over but decided to go for it. (I was nervous, but Kevin was not.) When we got to what looked like the worst switchback according to the GPS, it was no problem at all. The campground has about 12 spots (I've seen reference to 18, but perhaps those are walk-in sites we didn't see from the loop), no hookups, water nearby, and holy moly what a view! Most of the sites are smallish and the ranger said if we wanted to, we could just go park overnight in the overlook area (score!) and so here we are. There's one other rig here (a large one, with a tow vehicle still attached) parked in the largest pullout spot.

Here are a few snaps from our drive today:









The (great) spot where we're parked is…well…not level at all. We're okay back to front, but side to side…it's like cooking dinner in one of those Vortex/Houses of Mystery. (Dinner tonight was Harris Ranch tenderloins, haricots verts, some sauteed mushrooms, and a bottle of Gregory Graham Zinfandel. Yum!)

Our plan is to make it to Ouray, CO tomorrow.