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Day One at Alumafandango

As I said yesterday, we arrived on the late side and had a bunch of work to do. As soon as we were finished we took a little walk around the camp area and took some photos for you. 🙂










This morning we'll work a bit and then head into town with Tiffani and Deke to get some supplies for the Mai Tai bar. As you can see in some of the photos, the trailers are parked pretty close together here. There are some spots where one Airstream's awning overlaps with the next Airstream's windows if they're the tilt-out kind. It's kinda crazy…not much room to set up the cute outside environment I normally like to set up. (And definitely not enough room for the little outdoor photo studio I'd planned to set up.) Since we're next to Tiffani and Deke we made a fun combined space between us yesterday. They put their awning out, we put our window awning out, and we made a cool little shaded patio. The solar tiki torches will be fully charged after all day in the sun today, and Tiffani put out a bunch of cute lights last night so our little patio should be looking super festive tonight.


  1. Brian!! That’s the recipe I’ve got RIGHT HERE already (great minds). Just need a few more ingredients (and UMBRELLAS!!) and we’re golden. Wish you guys were here too!!!

  2. Awesome! Loving the early Fandango pics! I know I don’t have to ask you to keep em’ coming 😉

  3. Susan Susan

    Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Alumafandango, what a great name!

    You guys are much more tolerant than I . . .

    Thanks for the great photos 🙂

  5. these photos are fantastic!! loved hanging out with you two the other night and so looking forward to more time with you… xo, t.

  6. @Tiffany: Thanks! We were sorry to miss you guys and were hoping you were coming back Friday or Saturday! There was so much going on I only now am sitting down and responding to comments. It’d be great to see you guys again…first week in September? 🙂

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