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Alumafandango and Lakeside Amusement Park

Here's what we did today so far: (1) This morning we went on a tour of the Timeless Travel Trailers shop. (Cool.)


Then (2) we came back to the Airstream and grabbed the camera gear and walked around the amusement park while it's still all closed (they open tomorrow for the weekend) and took some photos.

First, here are a couple shots of our little Airstream compound at Alumafandango. This is us on the right, and Kyle Finley's Airstream parked perpendicular to us:


And here's us on the right, Tiffani and Deke just beyond us, parallel (thus creating the cool covered partio/party room now referred to as "The Breezeway") and Kyle Finley on the left. We arranged the tiki torches into a little gate entrance way to The Breezeway.


And on to the amusement park. Love the signage in this place.




Check out the shape of this ticket booth:



The Auto Skooters:





Cool details at the entrance of the Cyclone roller coaster:


Several shots of the Cyclone roller coaster (with Wild Chipmunk in the background):



And the rest of the day: (3) Working, and then this evening we're meeting with a client for dinner up near Boulder. Tomorrow from 10am-1pm is open house here at Alumafandango so we should get so see some cool interiors! Then tomorrow night the amusement park is open so we'll be riding some rides (and taking some photos of the cool night lights).


  1. Gris Svejcar Gris Svejcar

    Awesome photos! You capture a time gone by and it brings back sweet memories of my childhood. Laura you have a beautiful gift. Thank you sharing your gift with us.

  2. Susan Croome Susan Croome

    Thanks for today’s update! I just got home from work and checked in to see if you had had time to do another post. Really enjoy living vicariously, and appreciate the time,effort, and excellence that you put into your blog. Hopefully Brock and I can make this event next year.

  3. victoria victoria

    Thank you for your posts! We were at Alumapalooza & just know you are having a blast!

  4. Thanks everyone…glad you guys all like the updates! We had a blast and I think we’ll try to hit Alumapalooza next year. 🙂

  5. Lisa and Geo Lisa and Geo

    I love this series of pics, Laura.

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