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Trailer Park Wars

Our daughter got us the game Trailer Park Wars and we played it for the first time yesterday with Leigh and Brian. Look at 'em, trying to be all sneaky with their cards:



It sounds campy (and it is!) but it'a also a pretty fun game. You build up your trailer park with quirky inhabitants (trying to keep out the shady characters and adding desirable amenities), and let rip the tornado and other calamities on the competing trailer park…the park with the most flamingos at the end wins.

We finished the game right as The Mehallicks and Tiffani and Deke arrived, and so we moved on to dinner and cocktails. We cooked some burgers on the Traeger that smoked for two hours. Never done that before, but will definitely do it again. They were super yum!

Today it's rainy but the forecast is for it to clear up a bit (just in time for our taco party tonight, we hope!) Ten people making and eating tacos in one trailer sounds a bit…messy.