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The Screaming Fifth Wheel Next Door

Parked next door to our trailer here at Candlestick RV Compound there’s a large (but not large enough) fifth wheel. For the first two days we didn’t see anyone there, but the night before last the owners returned. I’ve been working here most of yesterday and today, and all I can hear coming from that trailer is a kid screaming, pounding, and yelling “Moooommmmmyyyyyy!!!!!!” over and over 50,000 times. I never hear the mother. (Perhaps she escaped on foot?)

I can feel the thumping on their probably brown-carpeted fifth wheel floor as it travels from the little girl’s stomping feet/pounding fists/whatever the heck she’s doing in there as it travels through their tires, across the concrete, and through the Airstream’s tires and to where I’m sitting.

Today their truck is gone, and I assume it’s only the kid (I think it’s a girl) and the mother in there. This morning I started to wonder if maybe the kid is a burn victim and they just brought her back from the hospital and are treating her inside before they head back to wherever the live, while the husband is out shopping for more bandages. If so that’s a sad story and I shouldn’t be annoyed by the noise, I know.

But probably, she’s just an annoying little misbehaved shit.

(Posted by Laura)


  1. nire nire

    hopefully she’s not a missing child screaming for help!?!

  2. she’s not…. and now i think there are two kids…a girl and a boy. i think they’re just completely unruly and the mother has some incredibly well-developed skills for tuning out the chaos.

  3. Ha! We have a bouncing, pounding yelling kid too… its amazing that you can hear them through all this metal! Also, they’ve been gone for a while, so Deke things they’ve passed away. Yesterday he asked me how long it is before a body starts to smell.

  4. OMG Tiffani, that’s so tweaked (and funny).

  5. Mary Kay Mary Kay

    As Rodney Dangerfield once said – “now I know why Tigers eat their young”

  6. **Update: the truck is back and if the number of Hawaiian-themed turtles-as-family-members decals on the back window is correct, there are FIVE children. In a trailer. A large fifth wheel trailer, but still. I take back the “little shit” comment if that’s the case.

  7. Laura Fess Laura Fess

    Ooh. I’ll bet it’s my neighbors. They have two precious little darlings… Bless their little hearts.

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