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Morning Expedition on Hwy 1

This morning when we got up it wasn't windy at all. We thought we'd go for a drive up Hwy 1 to some of the view pullouts to do a few flights with the hexacopter for some dramatic aerial shoreline footage.

Here's Kevin from one of the takeoff spots North of Wright's Beach:


Checking to make sure the video camera is on before launch (at Coleman Beach):


We flew from five different spots this morning and I'm pretty sure we got some amazing footage! On our way back, we stopped at the Spud Point Crab Co. for a crab sandwich (yay!! crab for breakfast again!!) and got some clam chowder to-go for later.


When we got back to camp, our neighbors had cleaned up and gone:


We learned last night that it was their first dry camping trip ever with their new fifth wheel and they were trying to figure it all out with the power (two fridges!), new generator that wasn't working right, and their one solar panel up top. Nice folks (if a little messy).