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Wine Surfing and a Michelin Star

Today, in contrast with our seven-mile hike yesterday, we sat at the dinette and worked from 7am until well, until about 15 minutes from now when we’ll leave for dinner. Busy day, got tons done, and now we’re headed out for a night on the town…er, village.

First we’ll stop at Gourmet au Bay for some “wine surfing” which sounds lovely. This wine shop chooses wines for their collection that fit the following criteria:

  • Under 1000 cases in production
  • 90 points or better
  • Gold Medal Winner

Sounds good to me! They do “wine surfing” where you choose three wines from today’s wine menu, and they give you three 2oz pours in three glasses atop a little mini surfboard that you can take out to the deck (right on the bay) to taste and enjoy the view. We’ll let you know how it is (and likely follow up with photos).

Then we’re heading to Terrapin Creek Cafe for dinner. I Googled “best restaurant in Bodega Bay” and found this place with these reviews and it sounded amazing. Will let you know. (Oh yeah, and they got a Michelin Star!)

(Posted by Laura)

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  1. Andi Andi

    Awesome! I’m a new reader of the blog and ha loved getting to know you both reading the archives. Nice to put faces to the adventures!!!

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