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A simple walk on the beach turned into a 7 mile hike up to the North Head Lighthouse

After work and a late lunch today we decided to go for a walk on the beach. Both of us had in mind we'd just head out to the beach, turn left and head down a bit the way we hadn't yet walked. The weather had improved, and the trail through the dunes and grass looked nice, so we thought we might head out on the path a ways and then take the beach back. At some point, however, the path turned inland a bit and we decided to follow it.



We ended up at Beard's Hollow (some info here):


From there, it looked like there was a (difficult, uphill) trail to a viewpoint up on North Head, so we decided to go for it. There was a little sign warning that the trail could be muddy from October through May. Yep, check. Muddy trail. But beautiful.



We got up to the top of North Head and there were some gorgeous views from there:



We could see the lighthouse from the viewpoint, but wanted to get a closer look so we followed the trail to the lighthouse.



Also just back a bit in the woods from the lighthouse, you'll find the former keeper's residences. Both the keepers' duplex and the single-family dwelling are apparently available for overnight stays. Kinda felt a bit like The Shining, to me. Maybe because during our entire visit up in this are we never saw another person.


If you're interested, though, here's some more info about these "vacation rentals".

We took the road back to the trailhead for Beard's Hollow and hooked back up with the path there. We never walked on the beach at all. Great workout, and beautiful weather.

We're grilling some chicken on the Traeger now, chatting with our neighbors, and enjoying the sunset. Not a bad day at all.

(Posted by Laura)


  1. This post was a real treat, loved the photos and story and the adventurous spirit of your blog in general. Found myself wondering if you were starving all the way back lol.

  2. Thanks AnnaMarie! We were a little bit thirsty, but overall fine when we got back. 🙂 -L

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