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Do you keep a tidy campsite?

I don't have many OCD tendencies, but I do like to keep a tidy trailer and a tidy campsite. Obviously, the look of an environment is important to me. I remember how my grandpa was about his sailboat: all the ropes (lines? sheets?) had to be coiled in nice perfect spirals when we finished sailing for the day. Occasionally I could help and get 'em right, but if I didn't, he just did it over quietly and with no judgment. He wasn't super freaky about it (on the outside, anyway)…he was quiet and smooth. I think it was just his way of respecting the boat and the activity of sailing. I think I'm a little that way about the Airstream.

I like when the color of the camp chairs matches the color of our tablecloth. I like that the tiki torches have the same base color as the patio mat.

Yesterday while we were out hiking, we got some neighbors:


This is the view from the side of the rear dinette (office). It's making my eyeball twitch. It's like Francis Bacon's campsite…only with bad colors and no edge.


Update on my reference to Francis Bacon: His studio was notoriously chaotic.

Here's an example. See the resemblance?



  1. I HATE messy campsites!

  2. I can’t believe how people can have these huge monstrosity 5th wheels and still have all their stuff strewn everywhere. And yes, lines and sheets. Sheets raise and lower the sails, lines do the rest 🙂

  3. I know! Isn’t there enough room INSIDE for all that crap? (To be fair, they do have 4 teenagers with them…but still…once you get the things you need out of those EIGHT CRATES why couldn’t you put them away?) It’s like an episode of hoarders here. 🙂

    (Also, another little observational tidbit: the father is wearing a “Proud to be an American” shirt, and when he bends over, you can see that the boxers he has on say “Kiss Me!!!” and have big lip prints all over ’em. TMI for sure.) -L

  4. I think they have 3 times as many items as we do, and we *live* in the darn thing! I’m actually surprised how often we don’t put out *anything* we do have — I thought that when we started this, the rug, string lights, solar ground lights, silver-colored LaFuma chair, stainless ice chest, cute tablecloth, etc., would be going out any time we stayed someplace a week or more. Usually, the only thing we pull out is the chair and aluminum side table to set the drinks on. :/

  5. What in the HELL are they unpacking all that for…are they moving in..for good?!?! Eeee-ghads! 🙂 Just walk away, walk away!


  6. @Kerri: I think our minimum is if the weather’s crappy just the Traeger for cooking and that’s it. Next come the chairs and the aluminum side table (that’s where we are now), and the “make yourself at home” level adds in some number of decorative items: solar tiki torches, woven patio mats, colorful tablecloth with LED lantern, and awning string lights. Since it’s SUPER windy here in the afternoons, there’s no awning, tablecloth, or patio mat. -L

  7. Tell me about “Francis Bacon’s campsite”. I don’t get the reference.

  8. @Frank: I just added a photo and a link to the original post. 🙂

  9. Oh man….I laughed so hard at the “eyeball twitch!” That’s totally me…I like everything to match and look pretty. That brings me a certain sort of peace!

    I don’t think I could sit and look at that – I know I’d have to move…fast!

  10. If I sat on Kevin’s side of the table I’d be looking at it the whole time and we definitely would have to move. I lucked out and I can still see trees and sky and water from where I sit and work. 🙂 -L

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