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Do you keep a tidy campsite?

I don't have many OCD tendencies, but I do like to keep a tidy trailer and a tidy campsite. Obviously, the look of an environment is important to me. I remember how my grandpa was about his sailboat: all the ropes (lines? sheets?) had to be coiled in nice perfect spirals when we finished sailing for the day. Occasionally I could help and get 'em right, but if I didn't, he just did it over quietly and with no judgment. He wasn't super freaky about it (on the outside, anyway)…he was quiet and smooth. I think it was just his way of respecting the boat and the activity of sailing. I think I'm a little that way about the Airstream.

I like when the color of the camp chairs matches the color of our tablecloth. I like that the tiki torches have the same base color as the patio mat.

Yesterday while we were out hiking, we got some neighbors:


This is the view from the side of the rear dinette (office). It's making my eyeball twitch. It's like Francis Bacon's campsite…only with bad colors and no edge.


Update on my reference to Francis Bacon: His studio was notoriously chaotic.

Here's an example. See the resemblance?