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Aunt Zelma is Almost 100

We took the Airstream and spent a couple days in Florence this week visiting with my mom, my aunt Dolores and my great aunt Zelma (who will be 100 years old in August!) We did a quick portrait session in Zelma's living room before we left, and I thought I'd show you what I got.

The first two are the "keepers" as far as family is concerned (I think) but the third one has that extra something that I just love…it may be my favorite. The directness, the strength…she reminds me of an Alice Neel painting.




This is the first time I've ever photographed someone without sight. The idea of eye contact (something I usually think about quite a bit for the final shot) really changes since Zelma was mainly making connection with my voice instead of with the camera or my face. Would you know from the photo, or not?

Kevin and I had a nice time fixing dinner for everyone at the Airstream one night and kept Zelma up late drinking wine with us. Okay maybe Zelma only had one drink and we all had, um…more. It was a blast listening to her fabulous stories. Wish I'd had a video recorder going. 

(Posted by Laura)