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Our First Airstream


I was thinking recently about our first Airstream. It was a 2005 22' International CCD and the beginning of what will likely be lifelong Airstream ownership. I went digging in my photo archives to find some photos of the interior and it looks like I hardly took any at all. I know, crazy isn't it? I did find TONS of photos of our travels, though, and it made me wish I'd had this blog all along. It also made me want to go back and revisit some of the amazing places we've been: Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Glacier National Park, all around Colorado, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands….and on and on. 




Anyway, I was thinking about the layout. Originally we got the trailer with the idea that we'd need to be working most of the time we were on the road (ah, business ownership) and since it had this great desk in back that said "work here!!" we felt it would be ideal.

Floorplan_ccd_22 copy

It turned out that we mostly ended up working together at the dinette with our laptops, and the desk was just a place to put stuff. Not an ideal use of space. (Occasionally when I took the trailer out by myself, I'd bring my 24" monitor and set up my photo editing operation on the desk, which worked out great…but that was not our normal situation.) In our current trailer, we don't seem to have any unused space at all. It's perfect.

I did find a few interior shots we took when we first got the 2005 22' Int'l CCD, so I'm going to post them here, so you can see how much we've grown. 

Brand new, with no junk:

Interior 2

Look at all that counter space!

Kitchen stove

Interior 3


Counter with spicerack


Interior w sheets

(I don't know where the comforter is in that last shot.)

We eventually switched out the blue dinette cushions to the lemongrass color. Also here you can see my computer monitor operation on the back desk:


This is a different comforter…we got rid of the orange polka dot sheets and went for some solid turquoise ones. Hm.


So there you go. The beginning: our 2005 22' Internatinoal CCD.

(Posted by Laura)


  1. Kim Kim

    This was a darling Airstream, too! I liked the feel of the 22ft sport available now with the full bath, but I miss the features of the International Line. Didn’t realize they once made the 22 ft. in the International.

    Beautiful travel photos…We’ve been to these parks many times, but never pulling an Airstream. You make me want to head out on a road trip!!

  2. Beautiful photos and a gorgeous trailer!

  3. Thanks guys! We loved our first trailer, and we love our current trailer. Hard not to. Kim: When are we going to meet already?! BocoTim: I saw your photos earlier today…lovely!

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