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On the Banks-Vernonia Trail

Took a nice walk today on the Banks-Vernonia Trail. All of the other trails are pretty muddy right now (and I'd already cleaned my shoes after the previous mudfest) so we opted for pavement. We went toward Vernonia 2.5 miles or so and then back. Fitbit says 11,827 steps, 33 floors, 5.47 miles.



Now we're back to work. And yeah, we know…it's Presidents Day. 

(Posted by Laura)


  1. Kim Kim

    We were in your stomping grounds this weekend…Champoeg Park 🙂 We didn’t love it the first time we camped there, but this time they let us park in loop A and we thought it was really nice and much more private! We walked the path to Butteville…about 5 miles round trip and my shins still feel it. Must be the cement…We’ve been hiking a lot at Silver Creek and I’ve never had sore legs like this!

    I’m enjoying your photos of the Stub Stewart Area…has it been busy? Champoeg was at 100% occupancy this weekend.

  2. Kim, I know! I saw your post and thought “hey, we need to meet up…we’re so close.” Stub Stewart has not been busy AT ALL. Very quiet and so many hiking trails…we’re getting in a lot of good exploring. Let’s try to coordinate sometime soon and have a little mini rally. 🙂

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