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Category: Technology

Dry Camping Report

We played musical campsites here at Porto Bodega the other day. When the music stopped, we were in a spot with no hookups. So, we are dry camping again. I realized that sometimes my favorite mode is dry camping at one of the places that has both hookup and non-hookup…

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AM Solar

Update: here we are! Heading down to AM Solar today for a few tweaks! Love these guys…I'm kind of excited to go back. We're still so happy with the system they put in for us two years ago.  Here's a cool pic of their very nice shop (from their website): …


Colorful Tivoli Audio

I have one of these little guys (a non colorful version) in my photography studio and I love it (I know, kinda low tech for me, huh?) It has surprisingly good sound and cool but simple retro styling. I just saw these brightly colored ones and thought they'd go great…

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