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Category: Solar

Today’s View from the Office

Diamond Lake Campground, Diamond Lake, OR We're in spot K21 right on the lake. The sun is hitting the solar panels square on so we'll have no issue working from here for the next few days without hookups.  (Posted by Laura)

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Lake Almanor

On Tuesday we were just outside of Nevada City and Grass Valley at (Henry) Rollins Lake…a campground called Peninsula Camping & Boating Resort. Pretty campground, no hookups, and a high of about 97 degrees in the afternoon. We stayed two nights, and were thinking of staying a third, when we…

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Sun Seeker 3D

Now that we have an awesome solar power setup (AM Solar rocks!) the question arises – Will we have sun at this campsite? I found this cool iPhone app called Sun Seeker 3D. It uses the iphone's built-in GPS to figure out where you are, the date and time to…


Solar Upgrade In Progress

Right now, the trailer is at AM Solar getting 400W of solar panels, a charge controller, a converter/inverter, and 6 300AH 6V AGM batteries installed. We are headed off the grid.     (Posted by Kevin)

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