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Tiki Torches, Part 3

We started out with the regular ol' garden center tiki torches. You know the ones…cheap, black cans for the tiki torch fuel. We really like having the tiki torches, but the mess of the fuel was kind of a pain. Then I found the stainless super sleek ones, with biofuel. And though biofuel is better, it still stinks and is still messy. 

I just ordered us a set of four good quality, bamboo, solar, flickering LED tiki torches. Let's hope this will finally let us have the tiki torch thing covered. (Still wish they'd fit in the fishing pole rack in the back of the truck, though.)


(Update: The torches I ordered are not real bamboo, but polycarbonate. I forgot I'd looked at both. The bamboo ones had lower ratings/reviews, and people said the polycarb torches were really durable. I figure since we aren't just sticking them in one spot and leaving them alone, durable is good. They'll be here today…will report back after testing.)

(Posted by Laura)


  1. SWEET!! Love torches. Grew tired of the cheap smelly ones though. This is fab! Don’t blame me if I copy you. This is island stylin’

  2. Copy away, AnnaMarie! That’s why I shared ’em. 🙂 -L

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