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Category: Rallies

Some Aerials from Aluminogan

Kevin took the hexacopter up for some aerials yesterday of our aluminum enclave here at Aluminogan:  And now, on to Kelowna! Should be quite a site, all of us caravanning together. I think we're going first, so that means I should  get some good photos of the whole lineup.


Aluminogan Day Two

Today was spectacular. We did an awesome group hike up the road, around the back and to the top of the mountain, and then back down the front to our campsite (about 4 miles). Some shots from the hike: Interesting sign at some of the neighboring property: Zoom in here:…



We're now parked up at Leigh & Brian's property up in the Okanogan area in Washington state for a little gathering of Airstream travelers/bloggers. Tomorrow we'll caravan into Canada: Kelowna, Glacier, and Banff (where we'll meet up with Kyle and the Wanderly bunch), but for now we're all just spending…

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Alumafandango Aerial

Kevin got a nice overall shot of the Alumafandango compound today with the hexacopter. He'll be doing another one of these at dusk tonight. (Click to enlarge.)

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