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Last Night at Alumafandango

We had a nice farewell dinner last night with the Alumafandango gang over in the main pavillion, and then several of us hung out in The Breezeway for the rest of the evening telling stories. (Here's a shot approaching our little compound (see the four tiki torches in the center of the shot):


And here's a closer view of our entrance (Tiffani & Deke on the left, us in the middle, and Kyle Finley on the right):


Here's a shot looking toward the amusement park as the lights are coming on (exit/back entrance to The Breezeway on the left between our Airstream and Tiffani & Deke's Airstream):


The Breezeway in action (from left to right, Deke Waters, Kyle Finley, Tiffani Waters, Rich Luhr, and Kevin):


It was sad to say goodbye to everyone today. 🙁