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Category: iPhone photos

A Birthday Surprise!

Yesterday (May 3) was my birthday (yay, birthdays!). Kevin told me on Friday that he had a surprise planned starting the next morning. He also told me to pack a bag for a couple days that included biking stuff and something  to wear to a nice dinner out, and to…

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New Spot at Bullards Beach State Park

Here we are: Right now, we're just working inside (while the mosquitos flock outside) but later on when we're finished, we'll go exploring. Fish & chips for lunch, petting some baby bears at the Wild Animal Safari, lighthouse, beach, more smoked oysters for dinner…those are things on our list today.

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Home Stretch!

We worked this morning for a while in Spokane and then hit the road. We figured we'd decide while we were on the road how far we wanted to go — whether we wanted to drive all the way home (just under 6 hours) or if we wanted to stop…


Frosty Morning

The frost on the window of the truck this morning. Billings, Montana.

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The Yellowstone River

Yesterday afternoon while it was all snowy we went into town and saw a movie. A movie! In a theater! Haven't done that since we went to the best theater on the planet in New Orleans in the end of September. (We saw the new James Bond flick, Skyfall. Totally…

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