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Tacos y Mas in Yelapa

Yesterday evening we walked into town around 6pm to try a new place for dinner. The light was gorgeous out and there was a slight breeze keeping things comfortable. The daytime high has been in the low 80s here, but most afternoons there’s been a pretty good breeze.

We opted to do a little extra exploring before dinner, climbing up some of the narrow hillside paths to see some new places.

Love the shape of this place!
Colorful layers
Rooster and hen hanging out in the window of a building-in-progress

We decided on Tacos y Mas! for dinner. Guess what we had? 🙂 (Margaritas, guacamole, and several different tacos…pescado, camarones, al carbon, carne asada…all were good, and the salsas on the side were super yum, especially the mango one!)

Tacos y Mas courtyard dining
Silhouetted jungle on our walk back home
Sunset just as we returned to our casa

We stopped at the market on our way home and got some tequila, some orange liqueur, and some more limes (for proper margaritas). The lady at the counter asked us if we were “going to party.” Um? I guess? But kinda slowly and spread out over the next week or so….?

We played a few games of backgammon and read for a while (i.e. partying) before turning in. The water was much calmer last night than it has been, but we still had the sound of the surf to sleep to.

This morning’s sunrise