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Food, Groceries, and Yoga in Yelapa

We were up early this morning (probably trying to make up for yesterday). Last night we grilled up some of the mackerel we caught and made tacos for dinner. I cut up some mango, avocado, cilantro, and squeezed in some lime to make a fruity salsa for the tacos, and they turned out great. We sat in the lounge chairs on the edge of our room reading while watching the sunset and after the stars were out we called it an early night.

We got up and did yoga with this incredible view. (I found some fold-up yoga mats before we left that fit perfectly in our carry-on suitcases, so no excuses.)

After yoga I put together a little ad hoc huevos rancheros for breakfast (which consisted of a grilled flour tortilla, some local chorizo, two fried eggs, and the rest of the fresh salsa I made the other day). It was tasty!

We worked for a while (I know, we’re in Mexico, on VACATION, but we still have businesses to keep running) and then walked into the village for some groceries.

The path to the market (after passing a few burros)

Our first stop was the Tortilleria for some fresh (still warm!) tortillas. (I’m pretty sure I paid 12 pesos for a dozen tortillas…that’s about .64 cents US! Yes, we’ll be back.)

This big machine is cranking ’em out!
I love all the different views I happen upon while wandering the village.

We returned to the casa with our haul of groceries: tortillas, chips, tomatoes, mangos, avocados, poblano peppers, tomato puree, limes, margarita mix (until now we’ve just been having tequila and lime, but a full margarita sounded good), soy sauce, pepper, chorizo, cerveza, frijoles, cucumbers, red onion, serrano peppers, fresh shrimp, a watermelon, a Tupperware with a lid, and OMG finally, a sharp knife!! As with many rentals that have kitchens, the knives are sorely lacking in sharpness (and are way more dangerous dull than they are sharp!)

This afternoon I used more of our fresh mackerel to make a bowl of ceviche: diced fish, cucumber, tomato, red onion, serrano pepper, a little cilantro, soy sauce, a little salt, and tons of lime juice. Lunch!

I’m pretty proud of how this ceviche turned out. I’ve never made it before, but I paid attention yesterday while our captain made it out on our charter. It turned out REALLY good.

We may wander into the village tonight for dinner…there are still a handful of little restaurants we’d like to try (as much fun as it is to shop and cook in).

My Yelapa Ceviche Recipe

Chop up some very fresh fish (I used mackerel) and put it in a bowl
Squeeze a whole bunch of fresh lime juice over it until you can see the juice at the top
Add one diced tomato
Dice some peppers and add (I used poblano and serrano, but I’d add jalapeño if I had it)
Dice some red onion and add
Dice some cucumber and add
Chop some cilantro and add
Add salt to taste
Add a splash of shoyu or soy sauce (secret tip from our charter captain)
See if you need more lime juice after all this
Serve with tortilla chips or tostadas and a cold beer