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Flotilla to Alaska | Update from Prince Rupert

Day 16 of the Slowboat Flotilla to Alaska and we’re about halfway to Sitka. We’ve had some fantastic adventures since I last checked in, and we’ve documented all of them over on Slowboat, but if you aren’t following the flotilla over there, here are some highlights:

Otters at Cape Caution
Orcas outside Fury Cove, in Fitz Hugh Sound

Akeeva (Nordhavn 50) with orca
The flotilla (plus a few extras) anchored in Fury Cove
The flotilla (plus a few extras) anchored in Fury Cove
The dam at Ocean Falls BC

We had a great visit to Ocean Falls that included catching about 10 big Dungeness crabs between us (some of which ended up as crab enchiladas for the whole group the next night), as well as exploring the spooky insides of some abandoned buildings.

North Beach by drone, Pruth Bay, BC

We visited Butedale, an old cannery in various states of ruin (with plans for restoration), and hiked and bushwacked a very muddy, overgrown trail up to the lake.

Butedale, BC
Butedale Lake

We’ve had about a solid week of rain and gale warnings, but this morning in Prince Rupert we awoke to this:

Our plan is to head out in a bit for a Dixon Entrance crossing, but we’re waiting to see if a few weather reporting stations report a trend of lessening winds…we’ll stop over in Foggy Bay tonight if we go, and then on into Ketchikan the next day. So far, conditions might be favoring another night in Prince Rupert, so we’ll just wait and see. Always nicer not to get tossed around out there if you don’t have to, and we’re in no rush.