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Flotilla to Alaska | Update from Port Harvey BC

Here are a few highlights from the past few days as we made our way from Silva Bay to Pender Harbour, then up to Squirrel Cove, Shoal Bay, and finally Port Harvey, where we are today.

Squirrel Bay anchorage, taken with the Mavic Pro drone.

The weather has been wonderful for the most part, and when the wind picked up we were safely tucked in at Squirrel Cove. On Wednesday, we slept in and caught the afternoon slack at Dent Rapids (after going early through Yuculta Rapids and Gillard Pass), and arrived at Shoal Bay in time for happy hour on the dock.

Yesterday we were a little concerned about the transit in Johnstone Strait because the forecast was for strong NW winds of 15-25 knots, increasing to 25-30 knots in the afternoon. But when we arrived, it was blowing about 10 knots with maybe 1-2 foot chop (with an occasional 3). The wind was right on the nose, so it was a bit of a wet ride, but no big deal.

We arrived at Port Harvey with enough time to do a little droning and a little kayaking before meeting for happy hour on the dock, followed by a delicious pizza night in George and Gail’s (almost finished) new restaurant.

This morning we’re headed over to Pierre’s at Echo Bay! Everyone is having such a great time!

Remember, we’re blogging daily and in more detail over on Slowboat, so if you want more, follow us over there while we’re leading the flotilla up to Sitka.