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Sun and Projects

We’ve been at home working for the past few weeks and will be heading back to the boat in a day or two. I have had some photo shoots in the studio, and we’ve been trying to take care of errand-y stuff while we’re in town.

This morning, we took our Airstream to see our friend Brad Taylor down at Shiny Shacks for a couple of fixes and tweaks. We’ve got a small soft spot in the subfloor (probably due to a leak in a window), and on our last trip to the coast we discovered we have a leak in our fresh water tank. Off to the shop she goes!

Brad has a pretty great collection of vintage trailers. Example: in the center of this photo you’ll see a 1962 Airstream Flying Cloud. It is one of 8 known survivors of Wally Byam’s Caravan Around the World (1963-64). The trailer belonged to Airstream photographer Fran Hall during this historic trip around the world, and Brad’s got a photo of it in front of the Kremlin in 1964. The Kremlin. 1964.

Here’s a zoomed in crop so you can see the tour stops:

Impressive, isn’t it?

Anyway, not much else to report at the moment. We have some boat projects coming up (just regular maintenance stuff before we head to Alaska next month), and we have a new outboard to install (Zoooooom! Enough of the Torqeedo!) so we hope to have something fun to post soon!