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Shallow Bay at Sucia Island

We’ve been in Anacortes for a few days gathering spares and checking things off our “projects to do on Airship before heading to Alaska next month” list, but we got enough done and the wind finally stopped, so yesterday morning we left the slip and cruised out to Sucia Island.

The wind was forecast to pick back up and be from the SE, so we briefly checked out Fossil Bay, but ended up moored over in Shallow Bay instead. Kevin was itchin’ to try out the new outboard and it was a little choppy in Fossil Bay for that. We dinghied around (“Vrooom!!”) a bit, then went for a walk on shore.

Echo Bay, on the west side of the island:

Bone on the beach:

Airship, from the beach:

Back at Airship, Kevin took the Mavic up for some aerial photos:

Last night for dinner I made Thai chicken lettuce wrap/taco things and they were delicious! (I marinated some chicken breast for an hour in soy sauce, vinegar, fish sauce, lime, garlic, shallots, cilantro, and then grilled it, then put that in some butter lettuce shells topped with a gochujang slaw made with cabbage, apples, gochujang, sesame oil, and apple cider vinegar, then topped with a little lime and sour cream.) I should have taken a photo but I didn’t.

The wind had calmed down quite a bit so we motored over to Fox Cove in the new fast dinghy, then walked over to Fossil Cove to say hi to fellow Airstreamers and new American Tug 395 owners Dorsey and Bruce (here from Rhode Island to take delivery of their new boat). We met them in Anacortes after communicating online for some time. Their new boat is just beautiful and it’s been fun getting to know them.

It was pretty calm over here until about 3am and then the wind came back. The slappy, rolly waves tossed us around a little and made for a few hours of…well, not sleep. Turns out it wasn’t so sheltered in here after all. But now the sun is out and the clouds are not quite as thick. There are a few eagles in the trees nearest us on shore, and occasionally, a seal surfaces. All is good!

Happy Monday!