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Turn Island

We left Anacortes this morning around 9:30am or so…sleeping in meant we had about 2 kts of current against us as we made our way out of Guemes Channel. Oh well. It was so nice to be on the water and out of the marina that we didn’t much care if today’s cruise over to Friday Harbor took a bit longer than usual. In fact, I even throttled back some of the time so it WOULD take longer.

The weather today was just fine. Not too windy, and we only had 1-2 foot chop in Rosario Strait.


We were feeling a little “marina fever” (the weather has been crap since we got to the boat last Saturday), so we decided we’d stop over at Turn Island (just around the corner from Friday Harbor) for a little hike before heading into the marina.


Found still life with barnacles:


The hike around Turn Island is about a mile and looks like this:

turnisland-4 turnisland-5 turnisland-6 turnisland-7 turnisland-8 turnisland-9 turnisland-10 turnisland-11 turnisland-12 turnisland-13 turnisland-14

We’re tucked in at Friday Harbor now. We went for a walk when we first got here, and we’ll probably have dinner with friends tonight at the Downrigger (it’s back!!) Tomorrow we’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner at the Coho Grill (just like last year, only this time with friends). Hope everyone has a great holiday!