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Random Pics around Anacortes

We’ve just been hanging in Anacortes and working from Airship, since the weather’s been such crap this week. Looks like we’ll get a window tomorrow to head over to Friday Harbor for Thanksgiving, and then we should be able to get back in relatively settled seas on Saturday. I’ve been snapping photos as we go on our errands or for lunch…

Crows in a weepy tree:


John L. Sullivan – 1st American Sports Hero:


Cap Sante Marina:


…and Frida Kahlo, with Diego eyebrows (at Frida’s Gourmet Mexican Food on Commercial Street):


We’ve been super productive, work-wise, but we’re looking forward to getting out of the marina tomorrow!


  1. Steve Mitchell Steve Mitchell

    If you make it to Friday Harbor I might still be there on Wednesday!

    Also I have been overhauling and updating their wifi the last four days. Give it a whirl while you’re here to see if it’s better.

    • Hey Steve, dangit, we missed you! The internet in Friday Harbor seemed good! Hope you had a nice holiday! 🙂

  2. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Storm on the way, love to see some video of Rosario and San Juan channel.

    • It was perfectly calm(ish) when we crossed (both directions), so nothing very exciting to record…I’ll take it! 🙂

  3. GMertl GMertl

    Hope you have safe travels to/from Friday Harbor and enjoy a great Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks Gary! Sorry for the delayed response! We had a great holiday with friends there in Friday Harbor. Lots of laughing (and eating, of course). Hope you had a nice holiday as well. We’re back in Portland this week, but headed back up on Friday!

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