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On to Port Townsend (and another thing to fix)

I got up this morning around 7 and turned the generator and the electric heat on and then got back in bed until things warmed up. With the extra Pendleton on the bed we were cozy all night…but it got down to 48 degrees F inside last night without the Wallas heater running as usual.

Bunch of seals coming into foggy Port Gamble Bay:


At 9am Kevin called Scan Marine in Seattle about our Wallas diesel heater. The guys at Scan Marine were SUPER helpful. They described to Kevin over the phone how to pull the bottom of the unit off and remove the glow plug. They said once we did that and verified that was the issue, to call them back and they'd overnight a new glow plug to us. (We ordered two so we'll have a spare.)

Kevin and I worked this one together. The positions one must achieve to work on boats is pretty crazy sometimes! The Wallas is inside this little vent in the wall beside the steps down to the front stateroom. Not a lot of room to maneuver (and with tools!!) in there:


Glow plug removed:


Glow plug. (It's the thing that lights the diesel fuel on fire, by getting red hot, to make the heat):


So once we had that all worked out and got a bunch of other "work" work done, we pulled anchor and headed for Port Townsend. 

Exiting the entrance to Hood Canal:


The Olympics above the fog:


We could see more fog up ahead, so we made sure we had our radar going.


And pretty soon, bam!



But boy, when it cleared (mid-Marrowstone Island) it was just stunning.

Mount Baker:


Marrowstone Point:


We got our same slip at Point Hudson Marina that we usually do (Slip No. 2) with a great view of the Olympics to the south and Mount Baker and the cascades to the north. We walked into town to get a few things…the things we got included a bottle of champagne for tonight. Tonight is Night No. 300 aboard Airship since we bought her in September 2014, and we're right back where it all started, looking at those Ranger Tugs here in the marina from our Airstream that day. We plan to order pizza from (yum!)  Waterfront Pizza for dinner and have a little pizza and champagne toast to all of the boating fun!

View from the back of Airship, as the sun is setting:




And then OMG this (no filter…this is straight from the camera):

We should get our overnighted parts from Scan Marine in the morning tomorrow, and then we'll decide whether to stay another night in Port Townsend, or head over to Deception Pass State Park a day earlier than we planned. 

Here's today's track (about 19 nautical miles):

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.32.43 PM

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    That’s cool, Perfect on a boat. If you want to try something really neat from Lekue, get one of their popcorn poppers. They are amazing, no oil needed, easy cleanup and it pops nearly every kernel. Highly recommended. That is, if you like popcorn, lol.

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