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Airship at Dusk


We took the dinghy out for a little more Torqueedo testing as the sun was setting last night in Port Gamble Bay. I have to say, I do prefer the ride when we're going full speed (which tonight was about 4.2 kts). The dinghy rides so much flatter on the surface with this lightweight outboard…it's great! I really don't think "gunning it" is in the spirit of Torqueedo ownership though, which is why we'll likely get a backup battery. Good news about the batteries: they take very little time to charge.


Oh and this: it seems our Wallas diesel furnace quit working late yesterday afternoon. This puts a bit of a cramp in our boating plans for the next couple days…booo. We went through all the troubleshooting steps in the manual and got to "glow plug error" which is the thing that lights the little bit of fuel as it comes to the heater so it can make heat (and the fix is "Take heater in for service.") So as long as the generator is running, we can have heat. But if we want quiet — no heat. 🙁


  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    The current table for Deception Pass can be off considerably, and when that tide changes it is a rapid turnaround. Slack water is only for a brief moment.

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