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Sucia Islands: We Moved to Ewing Cove

Sunrise in Fox Cove on Sucia Island. (And lest you think, based on the past couple days of sunrise photos, that I'm up at sunrise every morning, let me tell you how this happens. In the stateroom up front there are two portholes…one on port and one on starboard. I can lift my head–or not–and see the light and landscape reflected in the chrome sides of the porthole and usually tell if it's good enough to get out of bed for. 🙂  This one was.)


After breakfast we did a little work and then decided to give ourselves a slight change of scenery and go around to the other side of Sucia Island. We took the long way around (and by long way, I mean a loop around Patos Island…the next island over). Here's our map (8.6 nautical miles from Fox Cove, around Patos, to Ewing Cove). We're the hard-to-see orange line:

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 3.12.03 PM

The Patos Island light house with a pretty good rip tide happening out front:


 Here we are moored in Ewing Cove (tiny dot behind the sailboat):


There are three mooring buoys in Ewing Cove, and great beach access to the trailhead. We hiked the same trail we hiked yesterday…we just started at the other end today.

Hey look! We CAN get a bigger boat and still use the state park mooring buoys!


We had a great hike, and now there's only one more cove on Sucia where we haven't stayed: Snoring Cove! Love this island!

The weather is gorgeous (still) and for dinner tonight I think I'll make us something real "autumny": pan roasted chicken breasts with a shallot pan sauce, and maple roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and apple. Last night we cooked up some carne asada and served it with tortillas, lime, cilantro, and avocado.