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Back to Cypress Island for Some Hiking

Another sunrise. (Yawn. Literally. I just popped out of bed quickly for this one and then climbed right back in! Brrrrr.)

Ewing Cove on Sucia Island:



We left Ewing Cove this morning and headed back over to Eagle Harbor at Cypress Island. We really wanted to do the hike up to Eagle Cliff on Cypress Island (the one we didn't do last week when we were here because we were too busy socializing with friends…that one!)

Nice view of Mt. Baker from our new spot in Eagle Cove:


We dinghied to shore and set off up the hill. 

More fungus along the trail!




We have done the hike up to Duck Lake and the Duck Lake loop, and done the up-up-up trail to Reed Lake, but hadn't done the Eagle Cliff trail. This trail came highly recommended by a Riveted reader, so we really wanted to do it before the trail closes in February. (Thanks Glen! Good tip!)

Here's a trail map:


We started at Eagle Harbor (sea level) and hiked up to Eagle Cliff. The hike was beautiful, but nothing super out of the ordinary, as far as hikes go….



…until you get to the end, where the really steep part gets a little steeper. But you know there's gonna be a big payoff, because someone hauled all this wood up here to build this little staircase to help you get to the top….


And pretty soon, this…an almost 360 degree view. Spectacular.





This hike was 4.3 miles round trip from Eagle Harbor, with a 752 feet elevation gain. 

And it was frosty up there!


We enjoyed the view for a few minutes, and then trucked back down the hill. It was also frosty down on the beach! This is a piece of driftwood in the shade, covered with frost:


We caught a few Dungeness crabs at Sucia this morning, so we headed back to Airship to clean and cook them up for dinner.


Mount Baker, looking a little more pink after our hike: 


Dinner tonight will be crab cakes and a salad. We're heading back to Anacortes tomorrow for a few projects and meetings, and then doing a fun surprise thing for Kevin's birthday this week. 🙂


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  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Must have been pretty quiet to hear crickets this time of year…the closest one are in San Jose Ca….dang that is one bummer.

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