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Wrangell to Petersburg

Last night's sunset in Wrangell:


Nice view just outside the breakwater this morning:


We left Wrangell this morning at 8am, allowing three hours to get to the south entrance of Wrangell Narrows. The tide enters Wrangell Narrows from both ends, so you want to enter from the south at the end of a flood tide so you can ride it in, arrive in the middle around slack tide, and then ride the ebb up to Petersburg. We texted back and forth with our friends on Cabernet, who were staying the night…somewhere else…I forgot…(Hi Lanette and Ron!) and decided to meet them at 11am near Point Alexander and Midway Rock.

More nice view:


While we were passing between Vank Island and Sokolof Island, we noticed a ton of bait fish jumping, so we turned on the sonar and whoa there were a lot of fish showing up down there. We did a little turn around and decided to drag a line through 'em, but no luck. (We didn't give it that long, since we had an 11am meeting to make.)

The aptly named Two Tree Island. (What happens if more trees grow??):


Hey, it's Cabernet!


We both followed this fish boat through the narrows, and noticed one of the crew members riding an exercise bike. Nice! I think he was on that bike for almost the whole 22 miles! (I noticed when he slowed down, the fish boat slowed down though….hmmmmmm, curious.)


Eagle on Marker 14 with snowy backdrop:


The scenery just keeps getting better!


Approaching Petersburg (that tall spire mountain is called Devil's Thumb):




We're here at the North Marina for the night, just past the cannery:



We wandered around town a bit, but it's mostly closed up because it's Sunday. We stopped for a late lunch at El Rincon. I know, Mexican food in Alaska, but (1) it was pretty much the only place open, and (2) it was fantastic! We had the rockfish tacos and the tacos locos (chorizo, cilantro, grilled jalapeno). The salsas are spicy and delicious. Definitely a sweet little spot…and busy! They were about to run out of food at 4…so go early!

There are several boats from our flotilla here in Petersburg today and we randomly met up outside of El Rincon just as we were heading out. Everyone seems to be having a great time! We thought we might stay here two nights, but I think we may head over to Thomas Bay in the morning to do some fishing and some glacier viewing, and then anchor over there for the night. Oh yeah, the WEATHER! It's 70-something here and sunny. What the heck, Alaska? 🙂

Here's today's track (40 miles, about five and a half hours):

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.10.24 PM

And here's a map of our whole voyage from May 17 in Anacortes, WA until today in Petersburg, AK (click to enlarge):