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Petersburg to Thomas Bay

We’d originally planned to stay in Petersburg for two nights, but after one day there we felt like we’d mostly seen the town (cute, and very deserted on a Sunday), so we headed over to Thomas Bay to check out Baird Glacier and Scenery Cove.

On our way, in Frederick Sound:



Just outside of Petersburg on he west side of Frederick Sound, we saw a bunch of fish on sonar and decided to troll for a bit. And, we caught a salmon! This sockeye will be dinner tonight.


Baird Glacier doesn’t quite make it to the bay anymore…there are mud flats in front of it, and the chart (of course) is not accurate as you get closer to the glacier, so watch your depths! 


After we checked out the glacier (whoa, 200 feet deep is now 18 feet) we took a short tour around Scenery Cove and we concur that this cove is aptly named.

Coming around the corner into Scenery Cove:




We anchored over by Ruth Island and promptly set out the crab pots and put a couple lines in the water. We caught two legal male Dungeness crabs, one small Tanner crab (threw him back) and no halibut. 

At about 10:30 or 11pm, a fish boat came in and dropped a ton of traps all around us. (The season for commercial crabbing just opened.)

Not a bad view!





The weather was beautiful today!

Here's today's track (29.5 nautical miles, 6 hours):

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 5.51.15 PM