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Fancy French Sauces

Breakfast on the boat this morning was a bed of wilted spinach, topped with a good handful of freshly cooked/cracked Dungeness crab, an over-easy egg, Hollandaise sauce, and a sprinkle of chives (with a side of sliced tomatoes). Super yum!


Our cheffy friend Jake turned us to these great Christian Potier sauces a while back, but until recently they were unavailable in the U.S. They are now though, and they're super convenient for RVing and boating. Each box contains three sauce packages, and each package of sauce serves two. You just stick the sauce pack in the microwave for 30 seconds and it's ready to serve. (Actually, the lemon dill sauce we tried on our halibut last night needs 30 seconds, but the hollandaise we tried on our crab benedict this morning only needs 10 seconds…learned that the hard way.) They're shelf stable for up to a couple months which makes them ideal for an on-the-road or on-the-water quick kicked-up meal when you don't have the ingredients (or the desire) to make fancy sauces from scratch. 


You can get them here. You're welcome. 🙂