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More Banks-Vernonia Trail

After we finished up some work today we headed out on the bikes and decided to ride to Banks (the other half of the Banks-Vernonia Trail ride that we did yesterday). This is such a great trail. These are all taken with my iPhone right from my bike-mount while riding (with the exception of the railroad bridge one, cuz…well…you'll see):




That railroad bridge was super fun to ride over. It's SO FAR DOWN when you stop and look over the edge! Oh yeah, the trail from Stub Stewart to Banks is ALL downhill.  You know what that means…not so fast on the way home! 

We had a nice frosty coffee concoction at the Banks Trail Cafe in Banks and then headed back to camp.


Now were going to work a bit, shower, and then meet up with Aluminarium (they're a few spots down from us tonight!) for some happy hour and dinner (and a lot of catching up!)

Here's the map and elevation of our ride: 21.5 miles