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Category: Bicycles

Sun! We’ve got sun!!

Woke up this morning to a clear blue sky and this hot bright thing poking through the blinds! Such a nice surprise. Similar to yesterday, we did a bunch of work in the morning, and then headed out for a late breakfast and a little exploring. Today’s destination was the…

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Downtown Nanaimo

We rode our bikes into town late this morning and did a little sightseeing and picked up a couple Canada pins for our collection. Check out my bike bag now! We rode all over the waterfront, and stopped and had some gelato and some fish & chips (in that order). …

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Sink Top Cutting Board

The fine folks at Turnco Wood Goods made us this gorgeous sink-top cutting board a couple weeks ago and we love it! Tiffani and Deke worked with Turnco Wood Goods (based on Whidbey Island) to come up with the perfect size and edge shape to fit the Airstream sink, which…

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