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The Mill PDX

A few days ago we went over to The Mill PDX (at 2925 NE Glisan Street in Portland) and met up with Paul Sykes (of Sykes Wood Fenders) to pick up a wooden water bottle holder for Kevin's bike. (We got mahogany ones for both bikes and they're great! Here's a photo of mine, only now I've moved it to the spot on the seatpost by the back rack.) The Mill PDX is a maker studio and co-op, and the building consists mostly of workspace with a small shop up front where the makers can show and sell their work. There is some great stuff in here! 


That circle ceiling lamp is one of Paul's newest pieces. There are LEDs in a groove in the top of the wood circle that creates a beautiful reflected light from the ceiling. He's got a few different sizes of these lamps and they are so elegant! If we had white ceilings (we have wood ceilings) I don't think we could pass this up!

Paul didn't make our wooden bike fenders, but he does make beautiful bicycle fenders (among many other things). He generously gave us a tour of his studio and showed us some of his work.

Almost finished fenders:



Paul (and Lindsay of MapleXO, also at The Mill PDX) are using recycled skateboards for some of their work. (Lindsay is all about the recycled skateboards, actually.)

Raw shaved skateboard veneer in several color themes:


Lindsay makes jewelry and other accessories and her work is fabulous…check it out here.

We picked up a new MapleXO bottle opener for the Airstream (made from recycled skateboards, of course):


Some source material:


I didn't get a photo of it in the shop, but check out this gorgeous lamp (collaboration between Paul and Lindsay) made from recycled skateboards.

This little set of 2 containers with twist-lock lids and a recycled skateboard tray looks like it would be perfect in the Airstream! (Image from the MapleXO catalog.)


Also at The Mill, Ascari handmade bicycles:


Look at this amazing detail work (image from their website):


I love finding these kinds of artisan/maker spots. Makes me want to make stuff!!